Drop-in Classes

At Aerialize we understand that there are many who would like to commit for a full term but just can’t because of family or work commitments or simply because they’d really like to have a go without having to commit for a whole term.

If you intend to participate in one of our drop-in classes, please inform the office via email – info@aerialize.com.au so we can ensure we have the correct amount of instructors booked for the class (note: Aerialize has a policy of 9 adult students per 1 instructor).

Drop-In Price List:

1.5 hour class =       $40 drop-in rate per class

2 hour class =          $45 drop-in rate per class

Hula Hoops =           $22 drop-in rate per class

***** Contact the Office to enquire about Aerialize Drop-In Packs, a cheaper way to purchase multiple Drop-In classes (3, 5 and 10 class packs available).

You can check out all of our drop-in classes that we have to offer by checking our latest class timetable, all drop-in classes will be marked with a (D).


Find us on the mindbody app to book drop-in classes
Minimum 24 hours’ notice is required for any class cancellations
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