Ground acts

Welcome your guests, keep them entertained and join in the fun. Aerialize provides both feature and roving ground acts for all events. Stunning stilt walkers, contortionists, hula hoop artists, acrobats, jugglers and jesters will keep your crowd entertained. Each of our shows and characters can be tailor made for your event.

Booking information

Please contact Bel on 0422 818 292 or email her at for bookings.

Prices vary according to event.

Please fill out the Act Booking inquiry form to ensure we can get an accurate quote to you as soon as possible.


Ground acts: What’s available


Captivate your event goers with our incredibly bendy contortion duo.

This act begins with the two contortionists working separately, twisting and contorting themselves, performing acrobatic miracles in a syncronised routine. Then their bodies start to entwine as they support and fly on one another.

Approx 5min

The contortion act is available as a solo or duo performance.

Minimum ground area required for the act is a 4m square.

Roving contortion is available, subject to the ground surface of the venue.

Hula Hoops

This act includes a vast compilation of hula-hoop skills to present an exciting, energetic and skilful performance. One to ten sparkling hoops are spun, twisted, and thrown to create a highly entertaining show for the spectators.

It can also be an interactive show, involving people from the audience, giving them a chance to show off their skills. You can book hula artists to provide a 5-minute show or to do roving entertainment during an event.

Approximate length: 5 minute Show or 1 x 45 minute set

Minimum ground area required for the act is a 4m square.


Our performers have a range of juggling skills to delight your guests. The solo juggler will use clubs and balls to show off a range of skills with a theatrical flair. Or our duo jugglers can entertain you with club passing and hilarious antics. We can offer a short performance to music or roving sets to brighten your event.

Approximate length: 5mins or 1×45 minute set

Minimum ground area required: 4x4m

Ceiling height – at least 4m high is preferred

Dazzling Fire Dancers

The dazzling fire dancer/s create brilliant visuals to greet your guests against the backdrop of the night sky. Watch in amazement as the fire dancer twists and turns amongst the flames. See how they gracefully spin and move fire around their body.

Approximate length: 1×45 minute roving set

Minimum ground area required: 4x4m

Fire is best performed in an outdoor environment. Many venues have fire alarms, which need to be disengaged if you choose to have fire dancers inside.

Acrobatics Duo

A male and female paired performance which combines balances, dynamic skills, tumbling and choreographic elements. The acrobats use flexibility and strength to display powerful lifts and formations. This act creates a spectacular performance for the audience with the unique acrobatic skills created by the lifter flyer.

Approximate length: 5mins

Minimum ground area required: 4x4m


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