An Introduction.


Andrew discovered circus in his mid-twenties and was hooked immediately. Over the years since, he has developed a broad skill set, learning anything he can wherever he goes. He specialises in Corde Lisse and Duo Trapeze with his partner, Bailey, and has performed professionally for Aerialize and independently over the past four years at cabarets, corporate events and festivals.

Skills taught/performed:

·     Corde Lisse

·     Aerial Conditioning

·     Handstands

·     Static Cloud Swing

·     Double Trapeze


Angus Johnson graduated from the Flying Fruit Fly Circus in 2013 and has been training and performing circus skills since age 10.
He specialises in corde lisse, slings, tissu, and cloud swing.

Skills taught/performed:

·     Corde lisse / Doubles

·     Tissu / Doubles

·     Slings

·     Kids Circus

·     Cloudswing

·     Straps

·     Trapeze

·     Basic tumbling & Acrobalance

·     Juggling & Hula hoops



Bailey began her circus life with Hula Hoops – Independently both teaching and performing.

Then started her life here at Aerialize, where she fell in love with Lyra working her way up through the graded classes she has never looked back, then going on to further her training with Olga and ‘Dancing in the Air’ for two years.

Skills taught/Performed:

·     Lyra / Doubles

·     Trapeze Doubles

·     Slings

·     Hula Hoops

·    Stretch/Contortion






Bel is a physical theatre performer/director with a Bachelor of Creative Arts and Master of Teaching (Theatre). Bel has been part of the Aerialize Community since 2004, serving many years on the Board and as a trainer in Trapeze, Silks, Lyra and general circus skills; she is also Aerialize’s original Bearded Lady who can walk on stilts but not in high heels! Bel is currently the Project Manager at Aerialize/Director of the Aerialize Youth Performance Troupe and works closely with members of ACAPTA in the development of strategy for the Australian Youth Circus Sector. And if this isn’t enough – is the resident Hula Hoop maker
& provides the chocolates you all eat in the space
(one of her most important roles!!)

Skills taught/performed:

·    Youth Troupe Performance Class

·    Trapeze

·    Lyra

·    Tissu

·    General Circus Skills

·    Performance


Skills taught/performed

·    Trapeze

·    Lyra

·    Tissu

·    General Circus Skills

·    Performance

·    Kids Circus








Adding a Splash of colour to the space is our very own Rainbow Fairy Helen!! She as an active member of the Aerialize community has trained & performed Aerials for the last 9 years, instructed for 6 and has recently joined the Aerialize board and assumed the role of safety officer.  You may have noticed her vibrant coloured hair teaching tissu cocoons to students to become butterflies!! She instructs all age groups and not just to become butterflies. Helen’s main disciplines are: Aerial Silks, Trapeze, Corde Lisse and Spanish web and has really enjoyed the start of her new conquest, trying different ways of combining her music and aerial skills.

Skills taught/Performed:

·     Tissu

·     Spanish web

·     Trapeze

·     Kids Circus

·     Corde Lisse



Hilary is Sydney sider who grew up living and breathing acrobatics. She’s competed in numerous acrobatic national titles, represented Australia at the junior world championships and most recently made an epic come back and placed 8th at the senior world championships in a women’s pair! She loves passing on her acrobatic skills and has been teaching future acrobats and circus artists all across Australia for the past 12 years. Continuing her passion for the human body and the incredible ways in which it works she is currently in the middle of her studies to become a chiropractor.
Skills taught/performed:

·     Flexibility & Contortion

·     Acrobatics & Tumbling

·     Acrobalance (adagio)

·     Handstands






Jewelz A Hoopz – Founder of Hoopy Happenings aka Jewelz has taught hoops to all ages from 2yrs – 85yrs, pre-schools, primary & high school, after-school care & vacation care, libraries, women’s retreats, festivals, people with disabilities and those disadvantaged. She has performed with her hoops nationally & internationally, performing solo, and as a duo with her sister as the La La Sistarz plus in a musical hooping adventure in The Lottie Show. She spins regular hoops, LED hoops, fire hoops & fire fans, twirls with Isis Wings and fibre optics whips & silk flag poi.

Hoopy Loopy Happiness is her tag line and that’s exactly what she likes to bring to you.

Skills taught/Performed:

·    Hula Hoops










Leanne began her aerial career over 11 years ago and has been teaching and performing all over Australia and even went to China to train at the Beijing International Arts School. Leanne performs Tissu, Trapeze – solo and doubles, Lyra, Hula Hoops, Stilt walking and Roller Skating. Other than Aerialize, some of the notable companies and festivals she has worked for over the years include Legs on the wall, Nat Harris Entertainment, Circus Monoxide, Sydney Festival, Brisbane Festival, Hoopla Circus Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival and Canberra Enlighten Festival. Leanne has been teaching at Aerialize for about 10 years and she is also one of Aerialize’s riggers.

Skills taught/performed:

·     Tissu

·     Lyra

·     Trapeze (solo & doubles)

·     Corde Lisse








Lisa has been doing aerials & hooping and for some time and has recently ventured into the world of acting too. She rather likes combining the two worlds. Lisa specializes in performance, roving and workshops.

Skills taught/performed:

·    Lyra

·    Tissu

·    Trapeze

·    Juggling & Hula hoops

·    Kids circus














Louise started out with classical ballet and went on and studied a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Visual Arts/ Art History. Her creativity and love for physical expression finally lead her to Circus, and she undertook a Diploma of Circus Arts at Circo Arts in New Zealand. Louise greatly advanced her skills, majoring in Swinging Trapeze, Hula Hoops and Tight-Wire. Louise returned to Australia to further her training and performing career, creating and performing unique pieces on the Trapeze, Hula Hoops, Aerial Ring, Aerial Silks, a breath-taking partnered balancing act, Swinging Trapeze & Hand balance. When not training or performing, Louise loves passing on her knowledge of circus to adults and young people.

Skills taught/performed:

·       Tissu                   

·       Trapeze                  

·       Lyra                            

·       Hula Hoops & Juggling

·       Kids Circus

·       Handstands





Mannie began her circus career by taking kids classes at Aerialize Sydney Aerial Theatre when she was 7yrs old, she then went to China to train with the Beijing International Arts School when she was 14 for 3 months and fell in love with circus then going on to join the Flying Fruit Fly Circus. She also trained and competed in Sports Acrobatics for 5yrs and in 2004 was a NSW state finalist in her Woman’s Trio.

Throughout her 15+ years in circus she has performed at many events including the Opening ceremony for the National Youth Olympics, a private dinner for Bvlgari, Hoopla circus festival and many more.

Mannie has been teaching at Aerialize since 2005 as well as other places including kid summer camps in America.

Skills taught/performed:

·         Lyra             

·         Silks             

·         Contortion   

·         Trapeze

·         Acrobatics/Acrobalance    

·         Static Cloud Swing

·         Stilt Walking





With over 27 years of dedicated elite  training Rick has reached a truly exceptional skill level across an incredible and vast range of disciplines including tumbling, adagio, harness/wall running, bungee work, static trapeze, flying trapeze, corde lisse, silks, stilt acrobatics, fire performing, contact staff, dance, tissu, trapeze and more than a fistful of random sideshow feats. Ricks professional career has spanned some 17 years, beginning at just fifteen years of age touring Australia with physical theatre company circus monoxide, since then Rick has continually been involved with Australia’s topperforming companies on the international stage.
He quotes “you never know what the person standing next to you is capable of”

Skills taught/performed:

·     Corde lisse

·     Tissu

·     Acrobatics

·     Handstands

·     Trapeze & Flying

·     Tumbling & Acrobatics

·     General Circus skills



Rodrigo is one of Aerilaize’s more colourful characters. Coming from Cali in Colombia where he studied at the national cirque school ‘Circo Para Toddos’ for 4 years. After his graduation in 2004 he has performed in various resident cirque troupes on board international cruise ships, (Ocean Village UK and 3 for  P&O Australia), ‘Circolombia’ tour of UK, Ireland and France, The prestigious ‘Delerio’ stage show in Colombian as a featured artist and the International festival of Circus in Venezuela. Rodrigo’s teaching experience also stems to many workshops in schools, universities and street theatre
around Colombia and on board P&O Cruise liners…
with a little bit of salsa dancing thrown in.

Skills taught/performed:

·         Trapeze (solo & doubles)

·         Tumbling & Acrobatics

·         Juggling

·         Unicycle

·         Doubles Tissu

·        Acrobalance (adagio) & Hand to Hand







Scott bought himself a set of straps and in about two months secured a position touring with Circus Aotearoa for their 2015 “tour with no name” embarking on a life changing experience for him both as a performer and personally.
He worked long hours while living in caravans with a very small crew doing all the work for over 150 shows in 7 months this led Scott to his move to Sydney. Scott wants to share what he’s learnt and bring smiles to people’s faces while continuing to learn from those around him.
Scott quotes “What I love about circus is the ability to truly amaze people, in a life where entertainment is filled with special effects. There is nothing quite as wonderful as seeing people smile in amazement, to inspire a sense of wonder. It is truly humbling.”

Skills taught/performed:

·    Straps

·    Tissu

·    Juggling (clubs & balls)

·    Toss

·    Philosophical conversations




Proof that you are never too old to learn new tricks Simone started training at Aerialize after years of watching her kids swing about in the air. Coming from a background in Fitness, Personal Training and Yoga she has been teaching aerial skills for over four years. Her performance life includes solo Lyra & Doubles Trapeze

She quotes “To mums & dads reading this as you drop your kids off – Yes you can & yes you should. Aerial training brings a mind & body awareness, builds strength and is an opportunity for creativity and good fun that is hard to beat.”

Skills taught/Performed:

·         Lyra

·         Trapeze (solo & doubles)

·         Tissu

·         Conditioning












Skye Gellmann is an Australian performance maker who is known for combining circus, immersive theatre and site-specific work. Skye’s work has been seen throughout Australia and Europe, including 26 seasons of 9 shows over 9 years, and winning awards.
Skye is currently playing ‘Jack’ in Societas Raffaello Sanzio’s dark retelling of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk,’ (Adelaide Festival, 2015); set to play the Sydney Opera House in July 2016.
Skills taught/performed:

·         Chinese Pole

·         General Circus Skills

















Some of you might know him as the man in the pork pie hat, Stuart Christie a Mutli-­?skilled Circus Performer with extensive experience and skills in all facets of the industry being Performance, Technical, Production, and Training. This experience comes from working with major and minor performance companies of Australia including Circus Oz, The Flying Fruit Fly Circus, NICA, Westside Circus, Malthouse Theatre and more! Stuart has become a big part of the Aerialize community and has now taken on the important role of Aerialize’s head rigger.
Skills taught/performed:

·    Corde lisse

·    Tissu

·    Lyra

·    Trapeze (solo & doubles)

·    Acrobatics & Tumbling

·    Acrobalance (adagio)

·    Manipulation & General Circus Skills


Tina Gills is a yoga/Aerial Yoga instructor with more than 10 years’ experience in teaching and practicing movement. In 2005, she was first introduced to yoga which became her passion and led her to India where she achieved her first Yoga teacher training certification. Many workshops followed, including Anusara Prenatal, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Acro Yoga. Acro Yoga was her ticket to a whole new world, the fantastic world of circus! She instantly fell in love with Tissu. Tina was thrilled to discover she could combine her two loves, Yoga and Tissu, into a technique called Antigravity/Aerial Yoga. She finds joy in teaching people how to fly, all in a safe and nurturing environment, while challenging her students with Suspension Fitness, Acrobatic Arts and Yoga inspired techniques.


Skills taught/performed:

·    Tissu

·    Aerial Yoga















Elli is an internationally acclaimed aerialist with a background in dance, on-screen acting and music. She trained worldwide at Aerialize – Sydney Aerial Theatre, The Beijing International Arts School, China and Ecole Leotard in Montreal, with world renowned Cirque du Soleil coach Victor Fomine.

Elli has worked along side some of the world’s most prestigious companies such as Foxtel, Tony & Guy, Bvlgari and Sony, consulting, choreographing and performing for clients internationally. Also working in television, she has appeared in shows such as X-Factor, Australia’s next top model and many TVC commercials like the V8 Supercars featuring artist P!nk.

With a great understanding of theatrics and design, Elli completed a Set and Costume Design course at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) as well as completing a BA from USyd, majoring in Sculpture, Performance and Installation.

In 2010 at the Sydney Festival, showing over 250 productions, Elli was part of a team that won The Sydney Festival Award for outstanding Independent Artist as well as winning The Bytecraft Exceptional Achievement Award in Production and Design, and later in 2015, she won the Aerial Allstars circus arts competition coming first place in Australia and New Zealand.

Elli’s work has also included shows with Carnival Australia, touring the South Pacific, high profile corporate events such as the WHO sexiest people 2014 launch and a feature Christmas show in Singapore, ‘Circus under the Bigtop’.

Elli has also worked as a resident aerialist at Pacha – Sydney, directed by renowned company, ‘The Squared Division’, best known for their work with Britney Spears, Taylor Swift and Kesha. She has also worked with Australia’s Silver’s Circus and was recently accepted into the Cirque du Soleil casting database.





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