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Kids and Teens Weekly Timetable – 2018

Kids Term 1: Mon 29th January – Sat 15 April (11 weeks)

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Please note: A one-off “Trial Class” can be arranged for the price of $35 (Kids & Teens classes only!)… if your child enrols for the Term, this first class cost will be absorbed into the standard term price, so you will only pay the usual pro rata class rate.




Kids T1 Enrolments

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Introducing kids Acrobatics!! Focusing on all things Acro including handstands and individually based acro skills such as cartwheels, walkovers, backbends, etc.. tumbling such as backflips, somersaults, etc… and mini-tramp.


We are running Kindy Circus on two mornings this year – Wednesdays and Thursdays.

You can purchase a single class or a 10 pack of classes online. Bookings are essential so we can ensure there are enough students to run the class. Please book your kindy circus session here.

Class descriptions

Kindy Circus

1 Hour

Kindy Circus is for kids from 2yrs to 5yrs old and their parent/s. It is a fun way to introduce kids to physical coordination, balance, psycho motor skills and to develop their confidence. Essentially it is structured play around the elementary circus skills and provides great bonding opportunities with a parent or guardian.

Kids Beginner Circus

1.5 Hours

This class is for all primary school aged children from 5-ish and up. If we get more than 7 enrolling, we will break the class into two groups based on age and skill level. The class covers the basics of all ground and aerial skills. The perfect starting point for kids who want to work toward developing circus skills, and for those wanting a fun alternative to traditional weekend sport.

Acro-balance & acrobatics – Acrobatics focuses on, using the mini-tramp, handstands and individually based acro skills (cartwheels, rolls, walkovers, etc..) and acrobalance works on balancing in pair and group combinations (group pyramids). Juggling, hula hoops, devil sticks, diablo, games and activities.

Aerials & tight rope – Climb the tissu, hang upside down from a trapeze and balance along a thin piece of wire. The main aerials involved will include lyra (aerial hoop), static trapeze and tissue (silks).


Kids Intermediate/Advanced Circus

1.5 Hours

This class is for students who have developed strength and flexibility and a good understanding of aerials & acrobatics in the beginner’s course and are deemed by the instructors ready for the next level.


Kids Acrobatics

Introducing kids Acrobatics!!

Aimed at kids of all skills and ages this is a new class which will be focusing on all things Acro including handstands and individually based acro skills such as cartwheels, walkovers, backbends, etc.. tumbling such as backflips, somersaults, etc… and mini-tramp.

Feel free to drop-in for $30 or sign up for the term!


Teens Circus

1.5 Hours

New skills, and great fun! For teens who are new to circus or travelling up from the kids classes.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn ground skills such as hula hoops, acrobalance, tumbling, juggling, and more. A large emphasis is also given to aerial skills such as trapeze, aerial ring and tissu.


Youth Performance Troupe

This performance skills class is by invitation only, and all students must be completing at least one other class in their chosen skill. Applications to this class can only be made after completing at least one term of classes at Aerialize. This class works towards regular public performances, and has so far featured at the Inaugural Sydney Children’s Festival, Festival First Night, the Annual Scout Jamboree, Aerialize Annual Student shows and the Newtown Festival. This class is 4 hours long, split over 2 days, and is held on Tuesdays at 4:30pm and Saturday at 11:30am. Students enrolled in the Tuesday class must also attend the Wednesday class.

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