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Kids and Teens weekly Timetable – 2017

Kids, Teens and Youth Performance Troupe Term 1 will run for ten (10) weeks from Monday 30th of January until Saturday 8th April.

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If you have any problems, please contact the office on (02) 8964 6135 or at

Please note: Drop-in classes available for new customers for first time use only! Drop-in rate is $30 for the one off class (kids & teens classes only!). 

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With an influx of new junior students into our Saturday Kids classes, we are now looking to split some of the previously combined classes to ensure all children are obtaining maximum benefit from their classes – to begin with, the 10:30am Saturday morning combined Intermediate/Advanced class will ultimately be split into dedicated Intermediate and Advanced classes.

At this stage, we are looking to keep the Intermediate class where it is (10:30am Saturday), and create a new Advanced class time slot on Thursday afternoon at 4:30pm. For Term 1, 2017 we have merely duplicated the same class in the new timeslot. While we are encouraging parents to book their kids into the timeslot that will ultimately become the new split class times, there will not be any problem if you cannot enrol your kids into the Thursday class in Term 1. Ideally, we would like to take the first term to work though the redistribution and any associated problems.

We understand this change may not suit everybody, and we ask all parents/guardians/students to be very forthcoming with how changes will affect them. We make changes with our students and their families in mind of course, so hearing from you is essential! If you would like to comment on this change, please send your thoughts directly to Aerialize’s Manager, Nick, at or feel free to call the Office on 8964 6135 to discuss with him directly.


On the back of continued interest and requests, we are running Kindy Circus on THREE (3) mornings this year – Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

So if you’re a Kindy Circus regular, come along and support our new Kindy Circus classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings!

You can purchase a single class or an 11 pack of classes (10 classes +1 free!) online… or you can simply drop in to a class anytime, and/or purchase a 10+1 pack from the Office!

Class descriptions

Kindy Circus

1 Hour

Kindy Circus is for kids from 2yrs to 5yrs old and their parent/s. It is a fun way to introduce kids to physical coordination, balance, psycho motor skills and to develop their confidence. Essentially it is structured play around the elementary circus skills and provides great bonding opportunities with a parent or guardian.

Kids Beginner Circus

1.5 Hours

This class is for all primary school aged children from 4-ish and up. If we get more than 7 enrolling, we will break the class into two groups based on age and skill level. The class covers the basics of all ground and aerial skills. The perfect starting point for kids who want to work toward developing circus skills, and for those wanting a fun alternative to traditional weekend sport.

Kids Intermediate/Advanced

1.5 Hours

This class is for students who have developed strength and flexibility and a good understanding of aerial acrobatics in the beginner’s course and are deemed by the instructors ready for the next level.

Teens Circus

1.5 Hours

New skills, and great fun! For teens who are new to circus or travelling up from the kids classes.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn ground skills such as hula hoops, acrobalance, tumbling, juggling, and more. A large emphasis is also given to aerial skills such as trapeze, aerial ring and tissu.

Youth Performance Troupe

This performance skills class is by invitation only, and all students must be completing at least one other class in their chosen skill. Applications to this class can only be made after completing at least one term of classes at Aerialize. This class works towards regular public performances, and has so far featured at the Inaugural Sydney Children’s Festival, Festival First Night, the Annual Scout Jamboree, Aerialize Annual Student shows and the Newtown Festival. This class is 4 hours long, split over 2 days, and is held on Tuesdays at 4:30pm and Saturday at 11:30am. Students enrolled in the Tuesday class must also attend the Wednesday class.

Please make sure you have all of your belongings with you after every class eg: Water bottles, Jewelry, Clothes