At Aerialize, we offer a range of wonderful stilt walking characters to entertain your guests for meet and greet or themed occasions. Your venue needs to have ceilings high enough for a 3m person to walk about in. Our characters are stunning, fun, vibrant and even scary.Please see the following list of different characters we offer.

Stilt characters can grant wishes, blow bubbles, spin hula hoops, twirl fire or dance with feather boas.

2 x 45 minute sets.

Booking information

Please contact Bel on 0422 818 292 or email her at for bookings.

Prices vary according to event.

Please fill out the Act Booking inquiry form to ensure we can get an accurate quote to you as soon as possible.

Stilt walkers: What’s available

Can cans

stilts_cancanFun and vibrant Can Can girls on stilts spinning hula hoops and being cheeky with feather boas. They will entertain your guests by their cheeky behaviour and by generally creating mischief.


stilts_mermaidsBeautiful watery mermaids on stilts surrounded by bubbles. These mermaids look stunning with their flowing long hair and shell skirts floating high in the air.

Ice Angels

stilts_iceangelsBeautiful white angels from the far North granting wishes and blowing bubbles.

Left and Right

stilts_landrThis hilarious pair of stilts are looking for a stilt walker, maybe its you! They will delight the audience with hula hooping and plate spinning.

Fire Birds

stilts_firebirdsStunning sparkling firebirds on stilts. Fire twirling optional.

Birds of Prey

stilts_birds_of_preyThese dark and mysterious birds towering over your guests will enhance your wicked event with their Hitchcockesque mood. (up to 3 birds)


stilts_spidersThese majestic eight legged spiders will tower amongst your guests and may even be a little scary. These stilt walkers also have hand stilts on.

Dragon Fly Queens

stilts_dragonfliesThese fun and flitty creatures sparkle in the sun and thoroughly entertain the kids. Great for festivals.

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