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Paddles and C-Shapes: Unlocking Control in Front and Lateral Drops

Join Caroline Dignes on Tissu (and or corde lisse) in this workshop to advance your technique in breaking down front and lateral drops. Using tools such as “paddling” and “c-shapes,” we will dissect front drops and lateral drops such as wheel-downs and stars, and work in progressions towards open drops (“Beehives” and “Hail Mary’s”) at your level of comfort. Learn how to apply these techniques to a wide variety of front and lateral drops!

About Caroline: With a background in dance, theater, and rock climbing Caroline finds herself at home on aerial apparatuses. She has performed and taught throughout the Western United States.

When: Sunday August 19, 2-4pm
Where: Aerialize Sydney – 7-9 Close St. Canterbury
Cost: $80

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Workshops with Elli Huber

Trapeze Release Tricks:

Saturday 1st September @ 4pm-6pm

Limited spaces available. This workshop is open to students of different levels as we will be working more individually with a safety belt/safety lines to assist us in developing correct technique for release tricks on trapeze. While the class will be taught on trapeze, some techniques learned can also be transferred to Lyra. 

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Spinning & Swinging Technique – Lyra & Dance Trapeze:

Saturday 8th September @ 4pm-6pm

This workshop will focus particularly on spinning and swinging techniques for dance trapeze and Lyra. Focusing on body shapes, speed and timing to help you develop control of your apparatus.

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Spring Open Rig

The next Open Rig will take place on the last weekend of September. Come and join us for a night of circus entertainment, as our students and instructors display their talents.











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